GreenStream Network Plc

Countries of operation: 
Asia & the Pacific
Europe & Central Asia
Host country: 
Contact person name: 
Mika Sulkinoja
Contact person email:
Contact person phone: 
+358 (0)50 3571723
Additional information : 
GreenStream has also successfully registered Jilin Taonan Xinli 49.5 MW Wind Power Project (Ref. 5036), Guangxi Yulin Darong 25.5 MW Wind Power Project (Ref. 5771),Taonan Xinli 49.5MW Wind Power Project Phase II (Ref. 6179), Shanghai Chongming Beiyan Wind Power Project (Ref. 6223), Shanxi Majunyu CMM Power Generation project (Ref. 8106), Huadian Shangyi Wangyueliang Phase I Wind Farm Project (Ref. 8112). GreenStream also serves as the Fund Manager for 5 CER procurement programs and provides the carbon cycle management to over 70 CDM projects.
Expertise in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents within the following technologies: 
Biomass energy
Coal bed/mine methane
Energy distribution
EE households
Fossil fuel switch
Landfill gas
Methane avoidance