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Asia & the Pacific
Latin America
Europe & Central Asia
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Axel Michaelowa
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0041 (0) 44 820 4208
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Perspectives GmbH is an independent, highly qualified consulting firm providing advice to private sector, governmental and non-governmental clients in the international greenhouse gas market. Perspectives was founded in 2003. Its core competences are CDM project management (including PoAs), identification and quantification of greenhouse gas reduction opportunities in developing countries, development of underlying CDM baseline and monitoring methodologies, providing climate policy advice, and conducting capacity building on latest climate policy and carbon market aspects in industrialized and developing countries. Perspectives´ employees have top-level experience and understanding of the Kyoto Protocol, CDM, JI, the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS), as well as voluntary offsets markets, NAMAs and the potential New Market Mechanisms. Perspectives has successfully developed numerous Project Design Documents and is among the globally leading companies in developing new baseline and monitoring methodologies for CDM and JI projects (9 approvals). Perspectives has 16 registered CDM projects, of which one has achieved Gold Standard status. With experience on climate policy issues going back to 1994, Perspectives´ staff has established a comprehensive international contact network in industry, governments, research and NGOs. Perspectives’ staff has a high-level, interdisciplinary education in the field of economics and environmental/industrial engineering. Perspectives has special competence within Programme of Activities (PoA), benchmarking and sectoral trading mechanisms. Perspectives serves more than 70 clients with projects in over 40 countries. It has offices in Hamburg (Germany) and Zürich (Switzerland) and local presence in Asia, Latin America and Autralia. Perspectives Expertise on PoAs: Perspectives has a long history of involvement in the development of CDM PoAs. Our team was involved in the development of one of the first PoAs ever (starting in 2007), and the first PoA for energy-efficient lighting in households (in India), registered in 2010 – UNFCCC Ref 3223. Currently Perspectives is involved in managing more than 10 CDM PoAs including: - 2 multi-country PoAs involving efficient biomass cook stoves in multiple African countries (i.a. Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria) - 2 multi-country wind-energy PoAs starting in South Africa and India - 1 multi-country, multi-technology PoA for renewable energies in the Mediterranean region - 1 large-scale hydro-power PoA in Peru - 1 solar PV PoA in India - 1 fuel-switch PoA in Egypt - 1 wind PoA in Morocco - 1 wastewater management PoA in Indonesia - 1 multi-country waste to energy PoA in Indonesia and Malaysia In addition, we have conducted a significant number of PoA feasibility studies and risk assessments (Due Diligence) for all types of projects, have investigated the PoA potential for different project types (PoA identification) in most regions of the world and have planned and conducted various capacity building workshops and PoA Scoping Studies. Finally Perspectives is very much involved in activities to support the further development of the PoA regulatory framework. Perspectives initiated and is chairing the PoA Working Group, a newly established forum that brings together PoA financial institutions and PoA practioners to further contribute to the enhancement of the PoA concept. We have contributed to several publications on PoAs including lead author of the “PoA Blueprint Book” for KfW Bankengruppe (the German Government’s international development bank), the PoA Sampling Manual (KfW) and a PoA guidance (Memo) for developing multi-country PoAs.
Expertise in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents within the following technologies: 
Biomass energy
CO2 usage
Coal bed/mine methane
Energy distribution
EE households
EE industry
EE own generation
EE service
EE supply side
Fossil fuel switch
Landfill gas
Methane avoidance
PFCs and SF6
Years of experience in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents: 
More than 3 years