RAMP Carbon

Countries of operation: 
Asia & the Pacific
Latin America
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Rodrigo Castellanos
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+614 24178216
Additional information : 
RAMP Carbon has a world leading track record delivering solutions for clients interested in developing greenhouse gas abatement projects or investing in carbon markets. Specializing in energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy technologies we have successfully delivered projects for a range of carbon credit buyers, investors, project owners and developers. RAMP Carbon operates in both the compliance and voluntary carbon markets having expertise across a range of schemes and accreditation frameworks including the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), the Gold Standard and the Australian Carbon Farming Initiative. Based on this experience and expertise, RAMP Carbon is able to provide specialized advisory services to project owners, government agencies, carbon credit buyers and multilateral institutions wishing to develop or invest in emission reduction projects in both the compliance and voluntary markets. RAMP Carbon has offices in Melbourne, Mexico City and Johannesburg.
Expertise in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents within the following technologies: 
Biomass energy
EE households
Fossil fuel switch
Methane avoidance
Years of experience in developing Project Design Documents/POA Design Documents: 
More than 3 years