Loan Application Process

  • Stage 1: Loan applications from applicants in eligible countries (i.e. with less than 10 registered CDM activities at the time of application) will go through initial screening as first step. This will include a) review of basic eligibility criteria and b) basic due diligence on the applicant.  It will also include screening of the proposed CDM consultant. UNOPS/UNEP DTU may not process applications if the proposed CDM consultant does not meet the basic eligibility criteria. In such cases, the loan applicant is encouraged to select another pre-approved consultant (within given timeline).
  • Stage 2: Once deemed eligible and in absence of any integrity concerns or concerns regarding the project’s potential registration as a CDM project activity, applications may, if necessary, be further verified , through a site visit usually conducted by a designated country team.
  • Stage 3: Based on the initial screening and information collection a detailed technical assessment will be undertaken, i.e. thorough evaluation of the proposed methodology, the expected emission reduction and the feasibility of the proposed approach, as outlined in the Loan Application Form.
  • Stage 4: Having assessed the application, the loan secretariat will submit a recommendation for a decision by the Technical Review Committee (TRC) at its next meeting, if the application has been submitted in time. Otherwise the application will be evaluated at the following TRC meeting. The TRC, comprised of external and independent CDM technical experts and UNOPS, will decide if the loan shall be approved or not.

The above stage-based structure with independent parties involved throughout the process shall ensure best possible screening and selection formation.